All Premier instructors are full time, professional instructors and are graduates of a Certificated Instructor Training programme. Working with child development specialists and experts in child education our team are the only professionally trained instructors in the area.

Tom Golding

Ruislip Head Instructor

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Martial Arts Grades:
3rd Degree Black Belt - Kickboxing

Mr Golding has been training at Premier since the age of 14, at which time he was training twice a day  and entered his first K1 Kickboxing competition just before his 16th birthday, he dominated and won Gold, he has competed several times since. Shortly after this Mr G travelled to Thailand to train 3 times a day. Without Premier, he says he would never have had the confidence to travel half way around the world by himself at such a young age. Mr Golding is pleased that he can pass his knowledge and skill onto the hundreds of members we have training at Premier.

Favourite Motivational Quote:
“There’s a way to do it better, find it”
- Thomas a Edison

Liam Merry


Martial Arts Grades:
1st Degree Black Belt - Kickboxing
Blue Belt - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Mr Merry started training at age 22, at the time he trained 2 days a week, but the martial arts bug soon took over and training soon increased to 4 days a week. He competed in his first competition and dominated bringing back a gold medal, this achievement only fuelled his passion more. Soon after he started to train 8 sessions a week. His first semi-professional fight was won in just 13 seconds, which started a run of 5 consecutive wins. 

Favourite Motivational Quote:
Don't practice till you get it right. Practice till you can't get it wrong.
- Master Foran

Ian Bartholomew


Martial Arts Grades
2nd Degree Black Belt - Kickboxing

Ever since walking into his first school hall dojo at 11, martial arts has been a consistent part of Mr B’s life personally and professionally, he was also the first ever Premier Kickboxing “super fight” interclub competition winner.

Professionally Mr B developed a successful career in Central Government providing consultancy services on emergency/ disaster recovery planning, counter terrorist mitigation and personal protection. Mr B is now with us full-time and manages all operations across the Premier academies.

Favourite motivational quote
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing”
- Abraham Lincoln.

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