All Premier academies offer separate classes for juniors, teens and adults


  • Free Trial in a Beginners Class

  • Free Little Dragon or Kickboxing uniform

Congratulations! you've decided to start training at Premier. You're about to start an amazing art & sport. You will get a warm welcome by the Premier team in any of our classes, if you're a complete novice we suggest you try the beginner classes before stepping in the mixed level or advanced classes.


Try to arrive about 10-15 minutes before the class starts. This will give you time to meet the instructor, get changed and learn any important rules. Come in a t shirt, shorts or track bottoms and bring a bottle of water. There is one rule that is universal across all academies, and that is "No shoes on the mats!" This is done for safety and hygiene reasons.

Your packing list should include the following:

  • A small towel (you will get sweaty!)

  • A bottle of water

  • A t-shirt or a compression top

If you have long hair tie it back with a soft hair tie and make sure that your finger and toenails are short.

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