Instructor Training Course

We held an empowering, educational, action packed afternoon for Premier assistant instructors today. This program is designed both as the perfect introduction to teaching martial arts for new assistant instructors and a great way for our experienced instructors to sharpen their game.

Thank you to everyone for making the effort and playing full out, thanks to our awesome instructor team for their help, I’m excited to see our new recruits further their education with us. outstanding Asst. Instructor Course today.

Martial arts is about Growth & contribution. We are all so proud to see so many push their comfort zones.

Why are we so successful, with 1,500 students and employing so many full time staff?


Knock Out!

Alex Curcudel is always ready to take on all commers, this time he was matched against a K1 World Champion on Roar Muay Thai in Watford.
Alex never dissapoints, he won by KO with a pefectly timed knee to the head.

Click Here to watch the fight in our gallery